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为研讨后疫情时期物流及供应链相关问题,并借鉴德国应用科学大学应用型科研及人才培养经验,物流学院特邀请德国巴登符腾堡合作大学(Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University, Loerrach)教授、德国维尔茨堡-施维因福特应用科技大学(University of Applied Sciences Würzburg- Schweinfurt)教授、德国ECM风险投资公司及德国克莱默建筑机械公司等五位来自高校及企业的嘉宾围绕后疫情时代的物流及供应链管理进行线上演讲。会议具体信息如下:






Mr.Dieter Schneiderbauer

ECM Ventures GmbH


Thriving for global supply chain resilience – selected industry examples


Prof.Dr. Armin F. Schwolgin


On the realignment of supply chains


Prof. Dr. Peik Bremer


GS1 Logistics Identifiers - The Basis of Supply Chain Visibilitys


Prof. Dr. Karsten Machholz


VUCA - Risk Management in a post COVID-19 world


Mr. Kohler Oliver

Head of Logistics, Kramer Werke GmbH, Pfullendorf (Germany)


The impact of the Covid 19 pandemic on the supply chain of a construction machinery manufacturer in Europe

“Covid 19 大流行对欧洲一家建筑机械制造商供应链的影响”


Mr.Dieter Schneiderbauer

ECM Ventures GmbH


Dieter Schneiderbauer decided in 2011 to pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions and later founded ECM Ventures to become a catalyst bringing together entrepreneurs, capital and management in a unique way to create superior value at established companies as well as new ventures. He leverages his vast experience from 27 years of management consulting in transport and logistics, manufacturing / high-tech and services industries. He is a well-respected senior advisor to executives, board members and owners of renowned companies and held several senior leadership positions at two global strategy consulting firms.

Dieter先生在2011年决定追求自己的创业抱负,后来创立了ECM Ventures,以独特的方式将企业家、资本和管理聚集在一起,为老牌企业和新企业创造卓越的价值。他充分利用自己在运输和物流、制造/高科技和服务业27年的管理咨询方面的大量经验。他是知名公司高管、董事会成员和所有者备受尊敬的高级顾问,并在两家全球战略咨询公司担任过多个高级领导职位。

Prof. Dr. Armin F. Schwolgin

Retired Department Head of Forwarding, Transport and Logistics


Baden Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Loerrach, Germany


In 2019 Prof. Dr. Armin F. Schwolgin retired as Department Head of Forwarding, Transport and Logistics at Baden -Wurttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW Loerrach). Since 2006 he has lectured at Beijing Wuzi University, Beijing. Currently, he is working there as a Visiting Professor at Beijing Wuzi University, Beijing. After an international management career (Germany, USA, Brazil) he became a logistics professor, department head and dean of the faculty of business administration (2007 – 2010) of DHBW Loerrach. His teaching and research is focusing on International Logistics, Logistics Controlling, and Supply Chain Financing, giving particular attention to rail and multimodal transport. Prof. Schwolgin has published articles about these topics in books and journals of applied science. Since 2004 is has been co-editor of the “Praxishandbuch Logistik” (Managers’ Handbook for Logistics Managers) and has authored many papers therein. Until 2019 Prof. Schwolgin was co-editor (together with Prof. Egon H. Trump and Prof. Dr. Frankl O. Bayer) of the scientific series “Loerrach Logistics Forum”.

Schwolgin教授在多年国际管理生涯(德国、美国、巴西)后,成为巴登-符腾堡合作州立大学(DHBW Loerrach)工商管理学院的物流教授、系主任和院长(2007 - 2010)。2019年,他从运输、交通和物流系主任的职位上退休。Schwolgin教授的研究重点为国际物流、物流控制和供应链融资,重点关注铁路和多式联运,他在应用科学的书籍和期刊上发表了许多相关文章。自2004年以来,Schwolgin教授一直是《物流经理的经理指南》(Praxishandbuch Logistik)的联合主编并在其中撰写了许多论文。直到2019年,Schwolgin教授一直是科学系列Loerrach Logistics Forum的联合主编(与Egon H. Trump教授和Frankl O. Bayer教授一起)。自2006年以来,Schwolgin教授多次来我校讲学并为物流学院学生授课,目前在北京物资学院担任客座教授。

Prof. Dr.Peik Bremer

Professor of Operations Management and Logistics


FHWS University of Applied Sciences


Peik Bremer is a professor at FHWS University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt, Germany. His research explores extending process models such as the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) Model for use in Industrial Internet of Things applications. Peik has suggested a reference model for cold chain logistics that offers a seamless approach from planning, designing to operating cold chains. Recent research covers a framework for Smart Logistics based on Digital Ecosystems. He is a regular contributor to the International Symposium on Logistics. His research has been published in the International Journal of Logistics Management and the Asian Journal of Shipping and Logistics. Peik is co-author of a textbook on Quality Management (Grundlagen Qualitätsmanagement, Springer-Vieweg, 3e, 2020).

Peik Bremer是德国维尔兹堡-施魏因福应用科学大学的教授,他的研究探索了用于工业物联网的扩展过程模型,比如供应链操作参考(SCOR)模型。Bremer教授提出了冷链物流的参考模型,该模型提供了从规划、设计到运行冷链的无缝方法。他最近的研究涵盖了一个基于数字生态系统的智能物流框架。Bremer教授是国际物流研讨会的定期撰稿人,研究成果发表于《国际物流管理杂志》和《亚洲航运与物流杂志》上。Bremer教授还是质量管理教科书的合著者(Grundlagen Qualitatsmanagement, Springer-Vieweg, 3e, 2020)。

Prof. Dr.Karsten Machholz

Professor of Strategic Procurement & Supply Chain Management


FHWS University of Applied Sciences


Professor Dr. Karsten Machholz has been appointed Professor for Strategic Procurement and Supply Chain Management by the University of Applied Sciences Wuerzburg- Schweinfurt in 2012. His areas of research are Digital Transformation, agile Risk Management, Corporate Social Responsibility and Blockchain technology and its impacts on global supply chains. He has presented the results of his studies at various conferences in the US, Europe and Australia.Dr. Machholz has gained more than 20 years of experiences in the chemical, consulting, pharma and biotech sector, recently as a Member of the Board. Today, he serves as a Member of the Advisory Board of Prodigi, the Transnational Transparent Procurement Foundation and acts as an Ambassador of the Sustainable Procurement Pledge.

Karsten Machholz博士于2012年被德国维尔茨堡-施魏因福特应用科学大学任命为战略采购与供应链管理教授,他的研究领域包括数字化转型、迅捷风险管理、企业社会责任、区块链技术及其对全球供应链的影响。Machholz教授曾在美国、欧洲和澳大利亚的各种会议上展示他的研究成果,他也在化学、咨询、制药和生物技术领域拥有超过20年的经验,最近成为了董事会成员。如今,Machholz教授担任跨国透明采购基金会顾问委员会的成员并担任可持续采购承诺的大使。

Mr. Kohler Oliver

Head of Logistics, Kramer Werke GmbH, Pfullendorf (Germany)


Bachelor of Arts, Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University in Loerrach (Germany) in Forwarding, Transport and Logistics;Master of Science, University of Liechtenstein in Vaduz (Liechtenstein);Research Assistant, at Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (Prof. Dr. Armin F. Schwolgin);PLP4 Logistikplanung, Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG Stuttgart (Germany) , Head of Logistics, Kramer Werke GmbH, Pfullendorf (Germany)

In his presentation he will cover the following points:Sea freight cargo with special focus on imports from China (lack of containers, lack of ship capacity, lack of truck drivers, port congestions);Suez Canal: Ever Given and the consequences;Covid 19: Interruptions of production processes;Supply problems concerning electronic chips and granulate;

Kohler Oliver先生获得德国巴登-符腾堡州合作大学勒哈克校区交通与物流专业学士学位及瓦杜兹列支敦士登大学理学硕士(列支敦士登校区)学位,并担任巴登-符腾堡合作国立大学研究助理(阿明·施沃尔金教授)。科勒先生的演讲着重于以下几个方面:进口自中国的海运情况(疫情影响下集装箱、海运能力、卡车司机等的缺乏)、苏伊士运河情况、电子芯片等供应缺乏等问题。